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  • Physical Therapy
    All physical therapy sessions are one to one and one hour in duration. Physical therapy is for individuals looking to address pain and/or functional limitations as their primary complaint.
  • Performance Coaching
    Performance coaching involves one to one sessions that are one hour in duration. This service is reserved for active, healthy individuals who are free of functional limitations and not looking to address pain as a primary concern and currently training while looking to improve their fitness and reach specific performance goals/objectives. Performance coaching does not fall under "medical necessity' and therefore this service is not covered by your medical insurance. 
  • Treadmill Running Analysis
    Treadmill Running Analysis is reserved for runners and triathletes who are currently training that are looking to improve their economy and address form concerns that are hindering their performance. While a treadmill analysis can be performed as part of the physical therapy process, this service is geared towards the healthy athlete who is predominantly free of pain and looking to improve their performance or continue to enjoy consistent and healthy training.
  • Mentorship



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